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Video Editing

Home video editing services: The rough video footage of occasions like holidays, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies and other family or social gatherings, are edited and aligned in a meaningful way under the guidance of our video editors.

DVD video editing services: The motion picture captured directly on a DVD using a DVD camcorder, High Definition DVD camera or any other DVD camera is directly copied on to the video editing PC. The rough footage is then aligned as per the customer’s need.

Photo Editing

We provide all kinds of photo editing services for a vast variety of purposes, including editing face photos, retouching dating/love or social networking profile photos, polishing sales, parties, ceremonies, editing children and baby, nature photos, etc.

Video Shooting

A Cinematic Wedding Video is a storytelling film about your Wedding. Whether it is through images or the mix of speeches, images, and music, the video or the cinematic wedding film, is shot very differently where we capture short clips about your event. Why the short clips you ask? It’s because they are shooting to tell a story, not just documenting every single minute of your wedding day.


Get stunning photo albums of your wedding. Classy pictures, appealing layouts and state of the art printing combine together to give you a real feel good wedding album. We have got amazing options for any budget and requirement.

Pre/Post Wedding Shoot

You are all set to get married and the countdown to your big day is on! You should give a thought about getting a pre-wedding shoot done as well! The idea behind pre-wedding photography is about savoring the great moments of love, joy, compassion, nervousness and expectations going through the minds of the bride and the groom during the days before the wedding. Pre-wedding photographs can be casual, fun and romantic. They display the chemistry between couples through the camera lens and become memorable moments – to be cherished forever.